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Fequently Asked Questions

Questions about Armagh Observatory


What do we do?

We are a rather unusual institution in that we have staff who undertake world leading research into astronomy and physics and staff who deliver high quality education and fun based learning through planetarium shows and events. Most institutes throughout the world do one or the other. We do both!


How can I find out what planetarium shows are on and when and how can i book tickets?

All the information can be found here


Can I visit the Observatory?

The Observatory building is not usually open to the public but the grounds and AstroPark are. However, you can arrange a visit by phone 028 37522928


Can I find out more about the history of the Observatory and Planetarium?

Yes of course. Visit our History & Heritage section.


I've heard that Armagh has been taking weather data for several hundred years - How can i find out more?

Visit our site with the records of all of this weather data


How do I become an astronomer?

Have a look at

However if you do not wish to become a professional astronomer you might want to join a local astronomical society.

Finding your nearest society

Irish Astro

Irish Astronomy

British Astro


Can I look through a telescope?

Can I look through a telescope? We run various events through the year. Please check out our Facebook or Twitter